Joining Lives

Ceremonies to commemorate the joining of lives include weddings, commitment ceremonies, and renewal of vows. As an endorsed Humanist Celebrant, I meet the secular ceremonial needs of the whole community, including LGBTQ couples. I will listen with care in the custom creation of a ceremony that embodies your vision, values and lifestyle.

The first step is to have an introductory no-obligation consultation, to discuss your vision for your ceremony, and to meet me. This “meeting” can be a phone call or online, if logistics require. The aim is to get acquainted, outline the basics of your request for an officiant, and determine how my services might fit your needs.


There are few limitations on what a wedding ceremony looks like, save a few legal requirements. That means your wedding can fully reflect you and your intentions. As an endorsed Humanist Celebrant, I have status equivalent to clergy.

To initiate the process of arranging your wedding, we’ll have a discussion for me to gain a sense of how you envision your special day. Together, we will design a wedding that is loving, warm and memorable, as it reflects the unique character of your partnership.

A few considerations to get us started might be:

  • Size and setting
  • Small and intimate? Informal and simple? Traditional and elaborate?
  • What do you want the tone or take-away feeling to be? Fun? Solemn? Warmhearted?
  • Do you want to include readings or other ways for loved ones to participate?
  • What music would enhance the moment?
  • What, if any, cultural or family traditions do you want to incorporate?
  • Do you want to write your own vows?
  • How about a ritual to symbolize your commitment?

You get the idea… Contact me, and let’s talk about it!